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Finding Grace for Women

I believe that Grace is the true essence of women. For me it defines the true ‘feminine essence’. Finding Grace is for all the women I know and for all the women I have yet to meet.

“Lend me your face and let me tell your story”….. Finding Grace is shining a light for women who have a story to tell that will inspire others. What I have come to know without question through this work is that every single woman has a story to tell whether they believe it or not.

Dare to be a part of something extraordinary.

Behind every face there is a story. To tell that story and to see yourself as others see you takes courage. And yet isn’t it something that we all desire, to be seen. Seen for who we really are and to see ourselves in that way.

Finding Grace is a gift to all women who want to come face to face with themselves despite how challenging that might be. What I have witnessed time and time again is how this process empowers women in their lives and inspires many others in the ‘telling’.

In the last few years I have met, photographed and listened to so many amazing stories from women who have, achieved great things, accomplished, overcome, survived and broken through. In spite of each personal challenge the story is the same, they have found the inner strength and courage and their own personal grace to move forward with life. Finding Grace was born out of these stories and of my own personal experiences and other e.g. Nikola was unsure of who she was or what she was here to do when I photographed her for Finding Grace and yet she was brave enough to take a look at herself in the ‘mirror’…. now she is the business owner of Infinite Essence.

Prices from £150 each session is 2-3 hours

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