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Finding me

My Story-the edited version!


After years of working in the heady world of marketing, I decided to down tools, moved to Brighton and started a whole new chapter of the journey. Crazy…. maybe. Right decision…. absolutely. Photography wasn’t new to me, I'd done my apprenticeship in a previous life. It was time to re-find Grace in my own life.

I had no idea what was ahead of me, the amazing jobs that were to come my way, the incredible people I was to meet and the opportunities to photograph some huge and important events such as the Nato Summit and the Commonwealth Event in London 2017.


In that year I photographed most of the Royal family and 52 heads of state at various events. I found myself standing in the Picture Gallery at Buckingham Palace waiting for her Majesty the Queen to arrive. There is nothing that prepares you for these moments, I took the photographs in the dimmest of lighting, marvelled at the beautiful setting, nervous,emmotional, excited and wondered how on earth I got there.

Now I find myself in Devon, I upped sticks and moved to Devon in the same year, this time for  TRUE LOVE!  We bought some land and started a herb farm and now make herbal tea. My marketing and photography skills come in very handy!


The beautiful thing about what I do is I can move my work, studio, kit bag, dog and  carry on doing what I love to do

There is the call to take photographs. Photography, especially portraiture, is my passion. Finding Grace for Women lights me up from the inside. Though I am as happy photographing the CEO of a multinational as I am a newborn baby. All portraiture requires empathy, patience and the ability to build rapport quickly. I do this from a place of Grace and seeing the Grace in every single person who finds themselves in front of my camera.


I also love special occasions such as weddings and corporate events. Each brings its own unique creative challenge. Underpinning this is my resolve to find Grace in even the most unlikely of situations. Elaborate, raucous, hectic, crazy all provide an opportunity to find it lurking behind even the most unsuspecting corners.


My corporate portfolio can be found here.




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