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Finding Grace

Grace literally means the “Gift of Gratitude”.

Finding Grace is my business. It is also a way of life for me. It is what I seek to find both in myself and in the photographs that I take. Each and every picture is a way of capturing the innate essence of Grace that I believe underpins all of life.

Through photography I have the opportunity to help you explore the true essence of who you are -  a beautiful gift for both you and for me. It is why I do what I do.

Grace is an energy and when we find it within ourselves, our lives have a greater sense of direction and flow to them. To recognise it in ourselves and in others gives life a more beautiful hue.

There is a lightness of touch that comes with a graceful life - a life that we may be truly grateful for.

Portraits sessions start at £75

For full details see the price section



Child Portraiture
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