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Finding Grace Kelly

On the 12th January 2016, I found myself driving to Billingshurst.. After a lifetime of wanting to own a dog I was taking the plunge. There was no question that my new companion would be a rescue dog. On my drive to meet Brigitte and two dogs that I had seen on the ‘Save a Mastin’ website, I asked myself how on earth I was to know which I would want to bring home with me.

I knew quite simply that I would have to surrender and follow my heart.

On meeting the two dogs, I knew that they would be too energetic and boisterous for my way of living. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a female dog. She was quiet, wary and yet she looked at me intently. I asked Brigitte about her and the response came quickly. She was too nervous and sensitive to be rehomed right now. It was as if this dog sensed something - she came to me and licked my hand. Brigitte was as stunned as I was. This was something that the dog had not done previously. My heart was pounding and my intuition told me to keep following it.

They say that animals choose us.. . . .

This was most certainly true in this moment. She had chosen me and I knew that she was to come home with me.

When Brigitte told me the name that was on the dog's Spanish passport, I smiled wryly. I needed no more confirmation from the Universe. She had been named Grace, after the actress and princess Grace Kelly. My business is called Finding Grace and my surname is Kelly.. . .

The rest they say is history.

With some divine intervention and fairy dust thrown in Grace, moved into my home and my heart. We have fun days and we have days where we have to be patient with each other - finding the grace in each moment of each day. She had a cruel start in life, too painful to put into words. Together we are working to heal her broken spirit. Through this journey she is teaching me more about Grace than I could have possibly imagined. No surprise, therefore, that she is the ambassador for my business. She represents the Grace that I help to find with those that I photograph.

Grace has many four legged friends like her in Spain who desporately need our help and to give others the same help as she has had.


It seems fitting that for every portrait session £25 will go directly to the Save a Mastin charity.

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To Support Save a Mastin with a 1euro a month donation please follow the Teaming link on Graces photo.

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